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Our extensive know-how, including the cost and prices of commodities on international markets, has enabled us to serve our customers successfully for more than 70 years.

ORTIFOOD attaches importance to local distribution and international distribution channels due to its quality service policy. With the fast, reliable and value-creating distribution service it provides to its customers, it establishes strong and effective collaborations. ORTIFOOD maintains all infrastructure necessary for distribution channels, which are a part of its commercial activity, and uses its knowledge and experience in the sector to meet customer needs in the best way.

The distribution of commodities is one of ORTIFOOD's primary business areas and its unique distribution network enables ORTIFOOD to serve a wide range of business lines.

Thanks to ORTIFOOD moderns modern and well-equipped storage and distribution centers, it reduces the total operating costs and provides maximum profit to meet the needs of the customer during the transportation of raw material products from the suppliers to the customers.

We are aware that we must go at the same pace with the ever-changing and fast world of international trade and distribution, national and international market demands. Therefore, one of our main goals is to meet the expectations of our customers with commercial growth.

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