Sales and Marketing

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Sales and Marketing

ORTIFOOD exports citrus fruit and vegetable products and it is the distributor of Torku Meat and Meat Products, Torku Milk and Milk Drinks, Torku Biscuits and Waffles, Torku Chocolate and Chocolate Coatings, Torku Vegetable Oils and Torku Pulses Products in 7 Countries. Continuously follows the world market. It conducts R & D studies for products and carries out its marketing activities with its wide marketing network. ORTIFOOD attaches importance to the demands of its customers and offers the raw material products it sells to the market at the most reasonable price. It provides services and financial support to its customers and suppliers worldwide.

Each transaction we complete is carried out to meet the needs, desires and expectations of all parties involved.

The ORTIFOOD portfolio is managed with a global strategy while its regional power is fully exploited.

To ensure quality service, ORTIFOOD employs teams of market experts worldwide.

The immediate decision-making capabilities and excellent performance records of ORTIFOOD product managers worldwide enable ORTIFOOD to deliver and get material from any market in a stable manner thanks to its current global market activity knowledge.

In order to maintain its position as the market leader, ORTIFOOD develops customized units to ensure the efficiency of its business processes.

Our team consists of sales representatives and supply chain operations specialists with extensive market knowledge of the markets we serve. We are proud of the long-term and sustainable business partnerships we have created as a result of our globally integrated network of experienced professionals.

In order to add value to its operations, ORTIFOOD follows national and international markets and its affiliates, even those that do not currently work. This information not only provides us with key market analyzes, but also enables us to make predictions about the future of our market.
We are always trying to provide services above the expectations of our customers.

Our excellent relationship with well-known brand manufacturers and global bank network based on trust and respect; product availability, quality and supply reliability, competitive price and the flexibility of commercial conditions ensure that our business is best-in-class.

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